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5 Reasons to buy bottled bird’s nest

5 Reasons to buy bottled bird’s nest

bottled bird's nest picture

Thinking of buying bird’s nest? Not sure whether you should buy raw bird’s nest to cook by yourself or buy bottled bird’s nest instead? Here are 5 reasons why you should buy bottled bird’s nest.

1) Contains real bird’s nest

raw bird's nest picture

To start off, you should first know that bottled bird’s nest are actually made of real bird’s nest. By buying from a reputable seller, you can be assured that you are buying bottles made using authentic bird’s nest. The quality of the bird’s nest used in the bottles may also be premium, depending on the seller. So if you are looking for the finest bird’s nest to eat, you make consider buying bottled bird’s nest.

By buying bottled bird’s nest, you will similarly be able to savour the delicious taste of bird’s nest. The smooth and chewy texture, and the eggy flavour is something to crave for!

At the same time, consuming bottled bird’s nest allows you to enjoy the great health benefits of bird’s nest. Bird’s nest is contains a whole array of proteins, lipids, amino acids, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins – all the good nutrients that your body needs. This is why it makes an excellent supplement. It is also a common tradition for pregnant women to consume bird’s nest, learn more about this here.

Does not contain preservatives

However, one misconception that some people might have is that bottled bird’s nest contains preservatives. While we can’t speak for all manufacturers out there, this is not necessarily true. Using a vacuum seal method, it is possible to keep the bird’s nest fresh for consumption. Furthermore, manufacturers are subjected to strict SFA regulations with regards to food safety. Using an ingredient without declaration may lead to severe penalties. This helps give consumers a peace of mind when buying bottled bird’s nest.

2) Cleanliness

The second reason to buy bottled bird’s nest is cleanliness. A key concern when purchasing raw bird’s nest to cook on your own is the purity and cleanliness. We cannot stress enough that it is important to always check the credibility of the seller before buying bird’s nest to ensure that you are getting the real deal.

Once you have assured yourself as to the authenticity of the raw bird’s nest, you then have to ensure that it has been properly cleaned. As bird’s nest is a natural ingredient that is harvested from the wild, it may contain dirt or other impurities. A common misconception when buying raw bird’s nest is that it is already cleaned and can be cooked straight from the box. Take a look at the following raw bird’s nest.

raw edible bird's nest with dirt picture

As highlighted, there are still some impurities in the raw bird’s nest. Furthermore, it may contain impurities in the inner layers which is even harder to spot. This is why it is such a tedious process to remove the impurities from the bird’s nest. At the same time, it requires great skill to ensure that the delicate strands are not ruined during this process.

Unfortunately, due to the high price of clear looking bird’s nest, some unscrupulous dealers resort to bleaching the raw bird’s nest. Beware of such practices as the chemical used in bleaching may be harmful to the body.

By buying bottled bird’s nest from a reputable source, you will not have to go through the hassle of having to clean the bird’s nest. At the same time you can be assured that the bird’s nest has been treated properly. This allows you to enjoy the bird’s nest at your own convenience!

Checking the bottles

But how do you check that the bottled bird’s nest have underwent a strict cleaning process? It is much easier. You can do this by a visual inspection of the bottle. Compare the following two bottles:

Bottled bird's nest with impurities comparison picture

As you can see the bottle on the right has some visible impurities inside. The bottle is unfit for consumption. The manufacturer will have to remove the bottle from the production line as part of its stringent quality control.

3) Convenience

As alluded to above, bottled bird’s nest brings you a lot of convenience. You do not have to go through the tedious process of cleaning the bird’s nest yourself. Remember that this is only the first step. You would then have to prepare the other ingredients and then cook the bird’s nest. All these steps may require you to spend hours to do.

By buying bottled bird’s nest you can simply open a bottle to enjoy at your own convenience. This is an important reason in our fast paced society, which is why bottled bird’s nest is increasingly popular.

4) Wide range of choices

variety of bottled bird's nest picture

There is a wide variety of bottled bird’s nest in the market.

It may come in various sizes. Common bottle sizing includes 42ml, 70ml and 150ml. For those who want each bottled to be especially packed with bird’s nest can consider buying bird’s nest concentrate bottles.

The bottles also come in various flavours and secondary ingredients. This include rock sugar, pearl and collagen and different types of ginseng. Other than enhancing the flavour of the bird’s nest, these secondary ingredients provide additional health benefits too.

You will not have to go through the hassle of sourcing for these ingredients yourself when you buy bottled bird’s nest.

If you want to learn more about the difference between normal vs concentrate bottles and the benefits for the different flavours, check out our guide here.

5) Affordable cost

The fifth reason to buy bottled bird’s nest is cost consideration.

Buying raw bird’s nest to cook on your own can be quite pricey as you may have to buy a large quantity to get a better price.

On the other hand, with the wide variety of bottled bird’s nest available, there is definitely something for everyone. Compare the different sizing and prices to find something suitable for your own needs.

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